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It is a smaller town in Badulla District.surrounding with cloud forests and Tea Plantations .Ella is a typical backpackers mountain town. It used to be very small, however due to its amazing scenery and touristic hot spots it became very popular. Hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants, B&B’s started popping up. The vibrant night life has a very laid back atmosphere. The town is situated in Badulla District and is surrounded by cloud forests and tea plantations.

The town has many touristic sites. Due to its hight it can be much colder than the rest of Sri Lanka. Therefore we recommend that you bring long clothes (pants/sweaters and a rain jacket). Most of the sites require a lot of hiking and are not suitable to visit wearing your slippers. The most famous tourist attractions are the Dhowa Temple, Bambaragala Peak, Ella Rock, Little Adams Peak, Ravana Ella and the Nine Arches Bridge.


It is a lot of fun to visit this town by train. The views are amazing! Sri Lanka still uses the trains of the period that it was colonised by the British. They are still using the old procedures and techniques, such as the passing of the tablet in each station.Read More

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